Charinwarot Katanyu (Bifern/Freda)


Documents Checklist
Required Documents for Home Child Care Provider
(& most immigration programs)
( – ) Language Proficiency (IELTS Result) *In process
( – ) Education Credential (ECA Report) *In process

Supporting Documents
(not required)
( ✓ ) Resume
( ✓ ) Cover Letter for family
( ✓ ) CPR & First Aid Certificate/Training
( ✓ ) References

( ✓ ) Driving – excellent
( ✓ ) Cooking – good
After a job offer is provided by an employer/family, then the nanny can submit the application. There are other required documents from the nanny/applicant once the application is submitted and received by IRCC, such as Criminal Record Check, Biometrics, Medical Exam etc.

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Dear Family,

My name is Charinwarot Katanyu. You  can call me Bifern or my English name, Freda. I have an Education Degree as my background, so I am familiar working with young  children. In fact, I am a school teacher for Grade 1-6. Also, I have done a lot of volunteer jobs in the past years.  It allows me to learn more about little kids and I truly love spending time with them.  I consider myself calm, hard-working and very adaptive.  

If you are interested to get to know me more, do not hesitate to write back. I am more than happy to answer all  the questions you may have. Finally, we can set up a phone call or Skype/FaceTime/Video call interview anytime  if you’d like. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Charinwarot Katanyu (Bifern/Freda)

What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

I have a lot of experience and time spent with  children aged 7-12. My responsibilities at work are not only teaching but also always comes up with school workshops and  creating activities for youth. I can handle multiple kids at once and I am good at it. There are activities I love doing with them such as arts & crafts, music time, go out for sightseeing and sport activities. Moreover, I consider myself hard-working,  calm, and very adaptive so there won’t be any problem moving to a new country or learning new people and culture. I am a  head teacher in the First Aid room as well so I am familiar with all the first aid kits and know how to respond to injury and  illness so my students can be transferred to the doctors at the right time/in time. Furthermore, I am a neat person and will  always make sure the house is clean. I am also flexible and will always listen to the feedback and comments to improve  myself to become a better person and do a better job at work. I believe that humans can always improve, therefore, I know  that I can do anything if I put effort into it, and I’ll never stop learning.

Work Experiences

Banpholangka School, Thailand 

Assistant Teacher: Grade 1-6 | 2019 – present 

▪ Getting the classroom ready for lessons. 

▪ Helping children who need extra support to complete tasks. 

▪ Support and help teachers and plan learning activities and complete records. 

Saipanya School under the royal patronage of her majesty the queen, Thailand 

Practicum Teacher | 2018 | Duration of employment – 1 year 

Demonstration School of Srinakharinwirot University (Secondary), Thailand 

Practicum Teacher | 2018 | Duration of employment – 1 year 

▪ Supervise classes to ensure all students are learning in a safe and productive environment.

▪ Plan and implement educational activities and events. 

▪ Ensure the classroom is clean and orderly. 

▪ Allocate and grade homework, assignments, and tests. 

▪ Organize supplies and resources for lectures and presentations. 


2019 – Srinakharinwirot University, Bachelor of Education (Social Studies) 

Bangkok, Thailand 

2014 – Sisaket Wittayalai School, High School, major in Language-Arts 

Sisaket, Thailand 


Mindventure, Bangkok | Group Mentor | 2015-Present  

Empowering and giving feedback in online workshop for youth. Coaching and emotional support for youth. 

Summer School Season 3 (Edwings), Bangkok | Teaching Mentor | 2019  

Empowering and giving feedback to volunteer teacher. (Chef kratha dek class) 

CPR & First Aid Training | FIRST AID TRAINING BANGKOK | May 2022


Summer School Season 2 (Edwings), Bangkok | Volunteer Teacher | 2018  

Integrate cooking and science teaching, and supporting student To learn entrepreneurship by creating products.

Young Buddhists Association of Thailand, Bangkok | Facilitator | 2015-2017 

Create and facilitate workshop with team (Genmind).

64/100 (C1 Advanced) In English | EF Standard English Test
(EF SET) | May 2022

Bullying in school : How teacher respond? | Queensland University of Technology | June 2020

Bullying in school : How teacher respond? | Queensland University of Technology

Q&A about me

How long have you been caring for children and what aged groups have you cared for? – I’ve been working with children since 2018. I am a secondary teacher. Also, I am usually given the order by school to them  out for field trips. The kids age range between 7-12 years old. 

Why do you want to be a nanny in Canada? – I would like to expand my knowledge to/from children as well as gaining  more experience working as a nanny in Canada. I love spending time with children and not only planning to work but I have  always been interested in Early Childhood Education and my goal is to take the course in Canada, eventually. The caregiver  job will give me a lifetime opportunity that is more than teaching but also spending countless time with children that I love. 

Are you infant-qualified and how long have you experienced caring for baby/infant? – No, I am not, but I am  willing to learn. 

Are you comfortable caring for multiple children? – My experience of taking care of multiple kids come from my  teaching job at school. There are routines at school such as clean ups, brushing teeth, washing their hands and mealtimes  that are part of my current job. 

Are you fluent in any other languages besides English? – Yes, Thai. 

When can you work in Canada? – As soon as possible.  

How long do you intend to work in Canada? – 2 years or longer. 

Please describe your cooking skill – Good, I can cook well. 

What is your favorite food to cook? – My favorite dish to make are all the egg dish, fried rice, soup, noodles and pasta  dish, fried chicken, and steak etc. 

Please describe your driving skill – Very good. I drive for a long distance across provinces and to work daily. Do you have a valid driver’s licence? – Yes. 

Have you experienced driving in a snow? – No. 

Are you willing to do housework? – Yes, absoloutely. 

Are you willing to care for pets? – Yes, I also have an experience caring for dog, hamster, and cat.

Do you have valid CPR/First Aid certification? – Yes, taken in May 2022.