Passorn Kruapang (Bo)


Documents Checklist
Required Documents for Home Child Care Provider
(& most immigration programs)
( – ) Language Proficiency (IELTS Result) *In process
( ✓ ) Education Credential (ECA Report)

Supporting Documents
(not required)
( ✓ ) Resume
( ✓ ) Cover Letter for family
( ✓ ) CPR & First Aid Certificate/Training
( ✓ ) References

( ✓ ) Driving – excellent
( ✓ ) Cooking – excellent
After a job offer is provided by an employer/family, then the nanny can submit the application. There are other required documents from the nanny/applicant once the application is submitted and received by IRCC, such as Criminal Record Check, Biometrics, Medical Exam etc.

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Dear Family,

My name is Passorn or Bo. I am 31 years old, graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Laws, Thammasat University, in March 2014 and currently working as a legal officer at Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). I consider myself respectful, responsible, punctual, independent, organized, and hard-working. According to work experiences, I started to tutor children when I was in high school until I went to USA. After graduated from university, I helped my family work in the farm and volunteered at a nursery. Then, I was an Au Pair in America for 2 years from 2015 to 2017 and during my Au Pair years, I also volunteered as a WWOOfer (who works in a farm twice when you got long days off and vacation from Au Pair program). I came back to Thailand in 2017 and I worked as a Teacher Assistant (kindergarten) in schools for months.

If you are interested to get to know me more, do not hesitate to write to my email. I am more than happy to answer all  the questions you may have. Finally, we can set up a phone call or Skype/FaceTime/Video call interview anytime  if you’d like. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Passorn Kruapang (Bo)

What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

For me, children are easy to connect with because they aren’t complicated as much as adults and mostly, they say what they think, they act how they feel. So, I prefer to work with children and I feel comfortable being with them, too. Moreover, I’m quite active person and that’s a good thing of being a nanny because children and a nanny’s responsibilities will keep me busy all day long. In addition, I’m kind of a neat person and I also don’t like procrastination.

Work Experiences

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand: EGAT, Thailand
Legal Officer | 2017 – present

Cranberry International School, Thailand
Teacher Assistant: Kindergarten | 2017 | Duration of employment – 3 months
New Sathorn International School, Thailand
Teacher Assistant: Kindergarten | 2017 | Duration of employment – 3 months

▪ Assisted teachers with lesson preparation by getting materials ready and setting up equipment including organized and located teaching materials and resources as required
▪ Supported teachers in managing class behavior and ensured the classroom environment is safe and clean.
▪ Supervised students during lunch breaks, swimming lessons, class transitions, recess, and nap time along with looking after students who need extra support regarding toileting.
▪ Carried out tasks as directed by the administrator and participated in field trips, sports, and events as needed

Au Pair in America, Colorado, USA
The Ivanov Family | 2015 – 2017 | Duration of employment – 2 years

▪ Worked full-time and took care of 2 children (aged 3, 1), Monday through Friday from 7AM – 4PM and as needed.
▪ Performed light housekeeping including laundry, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, washing dishes, organizing bedrooms and playroom along with meal preparation of breakfast, lunch, and snack.
▪ Organized creativity indoors through academic projects, crafts, games, and music together with outdoor activities such as walking or biking to the local parks, participating in library story time etc.
▪ Followed through on instructions, home regulations, and ensured children wellbeing and safety.


2014 Thammasat University, Bachelor of Laws
Bangkok, Thailand 


Certified in Child Care Program for Nanny
Bangkok Nanny Center, Thailand

Au Pair of the Year Award Nominees
– 2015 & 2016

First Aid and CPR Certified
Bangkok First Aid


Watching TV Shows and movies, playing games, traveling.

Q&A about me

How long have you been caring for children and what aged groups have you cared for? – I started working with children in 2014, I worked at a Daycare, took care of children aged 1-3 years old and I have experience as an Au Pair in USA for 2 years, took care of children aged 1 year old and 3 years old. Also, I worked as a Kindergarten teacher assistant in Thailand for about 6 months.

Why do you want to be a nanny in Canada? – Working as a legal officer for the government provides me a decent income and it is stable job, though, I prefer working with children. I love spending time with them and seeing them grow everyday gives me such joy. Unlike my current job that is creating a lot of stress and that is not my life goal. This opportunity as a Nanny / Caregiver in Canada will challenge me as it will be big time of life adjustment and, it will give me an opportunity to have a better quality of life and eventually become Permanent Resident of Canada in the future.

Are you infant-qualified and how long have you experienced caring for baby/infant? – No, I am
not, but I am willing to learn.

Are you comfortable caring for multiple children? – Yes, I am

Are you fluent in any other languages besides English? – Yes, Thai. 

When can you work in Canada? – As soon as possible, 2023 onwards.  

How long do you intend to work in Canada? – As long as needed. 

Please describe your cooking skill – Good, I can cook, especially Thai food.

What is your favorite food to cook? – My favorite dish to make are simple Thai dish such as Pad Kra-Paw (Stir-fried basil), mixed veggies, fried rice, soup etc.

Please describe your driving skill – Very good. I can drive for a long distance across provinces.

Do you have a valid driver’s license? – Yes, I do.

Have you experienced driving in a snow? – No, I have not.

Are you willing to do housework? – Yes, absolutely.

Are you willing to care for pets? – Yes, I am

Do you have valid CPR/First Aid certification? – Yes, taken in 2017, renewed in 2021. Will renew  again when expired. 

How would you characterize your strengths as a nanny? – One of my strengths is high patience and  working with children needs to do the same things repeatedly every single day. For example, they easily  lose their concentration. I just have to be patient and keep attracting them to other things again or keep  repeating things. Sometimes when they cry for little things, it isn’t a big deal because their emotions can  change easily. And the most important thing is about how well I could handle my temper. 

I’m also a strict person. As being children, everything could cause them in trouble at any moment and  safety is the most important things of taking care children. I always make sure they follow and respect  rules or things that they are supposed to do. And that can be everything such as eating vegetables,  drinking enough water, washing hands, asking before taking things, saying sorry and thank you, no TV, no  jumping on beds, no bad words etc. 

Describe how you would discipline a child in Canada? – When I was Au Pair, the strongest  punishment was Time-Out and there’re 3 warnings before time-out. We also had a star for being helpful or  doing good things and when they got 3 stars, they’d become rock star and get a prize from their parents at  the end of each day except the day that they got time out. Their parents and I always gave the reasons  why they can’t do things that they’re not supposed to do and they know and understand but sometimes,  it’s difficult since they’re still kids. And I’d like to discipline a child the same if that works for you. P.s. the  prizes were usually candies (from many holidays) because they’re not allowed to have them and sometimes  could stay up late a little to have special time with their parents. 

How will you deal with unexpected difficulty, problem? – I usually stay calm since I’m not a person  who is over-reaction to things. I also like to prepare stuff as much as I can “just in case”. For instance, my  previous host family had a handbook and I read it before I started working on the first day. And it helped  me know what I need to do when emergency or unexpected situations happened. Besides, I try to question  things in many ways as well to reach the parents’ expectations and directions. 

How can you handle with homesick? – I never have any serious homesick because I’ve been away  from my family since 2010 when I started studying in university. There were just some stresses when I  was in the states in first couple months of being aupair because of the new and different places, people,  languages, and cultures. Moreover, it’s normal thing that could happen to me whenever and wherever like  a child goes to school at first time. As we all know, things take time. I just have to be patient, learn, adapt  and then, things will get better by themselves or my own attitude. 

Describe the way you think you will be spending your free time after work, during your days  off or holiday? – I’d like to spend my free time after work by taking classes or relaxing by myself and I  could work more if it’s necessary. During days off or holiday, I’d like to go out, explore new places, hang  out with friends and travel. 

If I talk to your ex-host family and friends, how will they describe you? – Because of my culture,  we highly give respect to the elders. So, I feel more comfortable being with friends and kids than being  with host family who are older than me. I’m more talkative and relaxing when I’m with friends or kids but  I’m more polite when I’m with adults. However, I think they would probably describe me that I’m  independent, responsible, eager and helpful.