Kamonrat Sirirattanakamon (Tarn)


Documents Checklist
Required Documents for Home Child Care Provider
(& most immigration programs)
( – ) Language Proficiency (IELTS Result) *In process
( – ) Education Credential (ECA Report) *In process

Supporting Documents
(not required)
( ✓ ) Resume
( – ) Cover Letter for family
( ✓ ) CPR & First Aid Certificate/Training
( – ) References

( – ) Driving
( ✓ ) Cooking – excellent
After a job offer is provided by an employer/family, then the nanny can submit the application. There are other required documents from the nanny/applicant once the application is submitted and received by IRCC, such as Criminal Record Check, Biometrics, Medical Exam etc.

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Dear Family,

My name is Kamonrat! You can also call me Tarn. I am currently an Au Pair in Norway. In fact, I’ve been an Au Pair in Europe for 4 years+. I have au paired in Sweden and Denmark as well. I trained to become and Au Pair and got Nanny Certification from Bangkok Nanny Center in 2017 and matched with the first family from Sweden in 2018. I’ve been taking care of children since.  

If you are interested to get to know me more, do not hesitate to write to my email. I am more than happy to answer all  the questions you may have. Finally, we can set up a phone call or Skype/FaceTime/Video call interview anytime  if you’d like. I hope you are having a wonderful day!


Kamonrat Sirirattanakamon (Tarn)

What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

I have more than 4 years child care experience in 3 different countries. I have worked with/for several families and have taken care of children aged 9 months – 13 years old. Therefore, I consider myself very adaptive, self-starter, caring and responsible. I have excellent sense of humanity and a lot of skills for problem solving and dealing with children at any age. Not only with kids, I will adapt well to the new country, family and culture because I’ve lived with 3 different families in Europe.

Work Experiences

Au Pair Program, Norway

Au Pair | 2021 – present 

▪ Responsible for taking care of 5 and 8 year old
▪ Taking children to/picking them up from schools
▪ Assist with homework and other activities
▪ Ensure children are fed and bathed in the evening and get them ready for bedtime
▪ Meal Preparation (Breakfast & lunch for children and supper for the household)
▪ Responsible for general cleanliness

Au Pair Program, Denmark

Au Pair | 2018 – 2021 | Duration of employment – 3 years

▪ Responsible for taking care of children with Autism
▪ Responsible for general cleanliness
▪ Taking children to/picking them up from schools
▪ Responsible for pets care

Au Pair Program, Sweden 

Au Pair | 2018 | Duration of employment – 1 year 

▪ Responsible for taking care of 2 months old, 2 and 13 year old
▪ Prepare breakfast for children and get them ready for school in the morning
▪ Taking children to/picking them up from Kindergarten and taking them to playdates
▪ Change diapers and ensure children are fed and bathed in the evening and get the ready for bedtime


2009 – 2013 Silpakorn University, Bachelor of Science, major in Animal Science and Agricultural Technology 

Bangkok, Thailand 


Certified in Child Care Program for Nanny
Bangkok Nanny Center, Thailand

CPR & First Aid for infants & toddlers, caring for sick children and medicine.

Trainee Babysitter
Modern Growth Co,Ltd., Thailand

Training to become babysitter to pre-school children aged 1-4 years old in a bilingual setting daycare.


Hiking, photography, cycling, kayak , practice skiing (In winter), hanging out with friends etc.

Q&A about me

How long have you been caring for children and what aged groups have you cared for? – I’ve been been an Au Pair for 4 years, taking care of children aged 9 months old – 13 years old. Besides, my mom is a teacher so before becoming an Au Pair, I always helped my mom looking after young children who she took care of at our home (after school program).

Why do you want to be a nanny in Canada? – I would like to expand my knowledge to/from children as well as gaining  more experience working as a nanny in Canada. Moreover, I would love to learn about North American culture because I’ve been living in Europe for quite sometime and I think it is time to learn a different culture and learning English from native speakers.

Are you infant-qualified and how long have you experienced caring for baby/infant? – Yes, I am. The youngest one I have taken care for was 9 months old.

Are you comfortable caring for multiple children? – Yes, I have taken care of multiple kids at once when I was trainee babysitter in Bangkok, Thailand.

Are you fluent in any other languages besides English? – Yes, Thai. I can also speak/understand some basic Danish and Norwegian.

When can you work in Canada? – Mid 2023 onwards.  

How long do you intend to work in Canada? – As long as needed. 

Please describe your cooking skill – Excellent, I consider myself a good cook and I cook daily.

What is your favorite food to cook? – My favorite cuisines to make are Indian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Danish and healthy meals.

Please describe your driving skill – I don’t drive.

Do you have a valid driver’s licence? – No.

Have you experienced driving in a snow? – No. 

Are you willing to do housework? – Yes, absolutely, 100%.

Are you willing to care for pets? – Yes, I can care for pets

Do you have valid CPR/First Aid certification? – Yes.