Yanisa La-on (Kuk-Kik or Khloe)


Documents Checklist
Required Documents for Home Child Care Provider
(& most immigration programs)
( – ) Language Proficiency (IELTS Result) *In process
( ✓ ) Education Credential (ECA Report)

Supporting Documents
(not required)
( ✓ ) Resume
( ✓ ) Cover Letter for family
( ✓ ) CPR & First Aid Certificate/Training
( ✓ ) Child Care Training
( – ) References *In process

( ✓ ) Driving – excellent & driven in New Zealand before
( ✓ ) Cooking – good
After a job offer is provided by an employer/family, then the nanny can submit the application. There are other required documents from the nanny/applicant once the application is submitted and received by IRCC, such as Criminal Record Check, Biometrics, Medical Exam etc.

Contact Yanisa

Write to :  ynsk01081997@gmail.com

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Dear Family,

My name is Yanisa La-on. You can call me Kuk-kik or Khloe (my English name). I recently graduated with an Education Degree and my past experience is a practicum teacher in Thailand. Currently, I have no actual nanny experience. Although, I have worked as practicum teacher for young children and become First Aid & CPR certified since January 2022. As of May 2022, I am in the process of becoming an Au Pair in either Europe or North America and after 1-2 years as an Au Pair, I am planning to come to work as a Caregiver in Canada. I will have a a lot of childcare experience by then.

I consider myself loving and independent. Back in 2017, I spent 8 months volunteering in New Zealand and that makes me become even more independent and very adaptive. Also, it makes me realize how much I love learning new things and exploring the world. If you want to be in touch, do not hesitate to write me an email and we can also set up a
phone call or Skype/FaceTime interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Yanisa La-on

What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

I also consider myself a helper and loving. I love to  teach young children. I love to communicate with them throughout my class plus seeing them grow as a person makes  me happy. I regularly create learning activities for my students as well as I have experienced teaching kids in grade 5  for a year. My priority and major responsibility are to create safe classroom environment together with one other  teacher (student-teacher ratio 41:2). Even though, I have no direct experience in nanny or caregiver field, I consider  myself very easy going and fast learner. I always put a smile on my face. Most importantly, I am punctual person.  Moreover, I love to cook and doing house chores. I believe that with my good English skill, I will be able to  communicate well with my future employer and to avoid any confusion, I’ll always be straightforward. In the other  hand, I have volunteered in New Zealand for 8 months and from that, I am very adaptive, independent and can fit in  any culture or environment. 

Work Experiences

Kalasin Pittayasai School, Thailand 

Practicum teacher | 2021 – present 

  • Supervise classes to ensure all students are learning in a safe and productive environment. 
  • Plan and implement educational activities and events. 
  • Ensure your classroom is clean and orderly. 
  • Allocate and grade homework, assignments, and tests. 
  • Organize supplies and resources for lectures and presentations. 


2016 – 2022 Mahasarakham University, Bachelor of Education, major in English 

Maha Sarakham, Thailand 

2013 – 2015 Roi Et Wittayalai School, High School Diploma 

Roi Et, Thailand


Bangkok Nanny Center 

January 2022 | First Aid and CPR 
January 2022 | Child Care Training

First Aid and CPR Training
Child Care Training
Child Care Training

Good News Corps, International Youth Fellowship, New Zealand 

2017 | Volunteer / Cultural Exchange
Duration of program: 8 months 

International Youth Fellowship (IYF), a Christian-based non-profit global organization. The program is dedicated to the  spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of young people around the world. College students spend a year with the  local people, learning the mottos of IYF: Challenge, Change and Cohesion.

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, jogging, cycling, baking & cooking, watch movies, pets, and travels

Q&A about me

How long have you been caring for children and what aged groups have you cared for? Currently, I have no nanny experience. Although, I am a teacher and I teach young children. As of May 2022, I am in the process of becoming an Au Pair in either Europe or North America and after 1-2 years as an Au Pair, I am planning to come to work as a Caregiver in Canada. I will have a childcare experience by then. 

Why do you want to be a nanny in Canada?  

I personally think Canada is the land opportunities: the excellent environment, welcoming society and even education  system is one of the best in the world. I love to teach, and I think becoming a nanny will give me an opportunity to  teach young kids as well as raising them. I would like to share my knowledge that I gain from life experience and my  education degree to younger ones. From my experience of teaching at a Thai school, I don’t think the school  curriculum and teacher management suits me. I also think Thailand doesn’t see a value in a nanny or caregiver job as  much. Therefore, I would love this opportunity to come to Canada and learn new things as well as improving myself  and to become a good caregiver. 

Are you infant-qualified and how long have you experienced caring for baby/infant? No, I am not

Are you comfortable caring for multiple children? I don’t have any experience 

Are you fluent in any other languages besides English? Yes, Thai 

When can you work in Canada? Anytime after finished my Au Pair year.

How long do you intend to work in Canada? No plan, willing to make a long-term commitment

Please describe your cooking skill – I can cook various food especially Thai and Korean.  

What is your favorite food to cook? Dishes I cook often are Steak, fried rice, soup, egg dish, stir-fried mushroom,  omelet, fried eggs, spaghetti, and pasta dish  

Do you have a valid driver’s license? Yes 

Please describe your driving skill – Excellent, I am a good driver and I drive everyday in Thailand. Also, I drove in  New Zealand the entire 8 months when I was there 

Have you experienced driving in a snow? No, never 

Are you willing to do housework? Yes, and I love doing house chores 

Are you willing to care for pets? Yes, absolutely. I have 8 pets at home: 2 dogs and 6 cats

Do you have valid CPR/First Aid certification? Yes, taken January 2022.