Napapatch N. (NEAT)


Documents Checklist
Required Documents for Home Child Care Provider
(& most immigration programs)
( ✓ ) Language Proficiency (IELTS Result)
( ✓ ) Education Credential (ECA Report)

Supporting Documents
(not required)
( ✓ ) Resume
( ✓ ) Cover Letter for family

( – ) Driving
( ✓ ) Cooking – good
After a job offer is provided by an employer/family, then the nanny can submit the application. There are other required documents from the nanny/applicant once the application is submitted and received by IRCC, such as Criminal Record Check, Biometrics, Medical Exam etc.

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Dear Family,

My name is Napapatch and my nickname is “Neat”. I have been a teacher for over 10 years and I think it is time to move on to the next step in my life. I would like to come to work in Canada as a caregiver or teacher. I love working with children and I enjoy spending with/teaching them. I am currently a teacher at a local school in Thailand. I teach English, Thai, Maths and Science for grade 1 – 6 students. 

I am looking for an employer in Canada who is looking for a foreign caregiver who has strong experience working with multiple kids and also able to work under pressure. I consider myself easy-going, flexible and calm person. 

If you are interested to get to know me more, do not hesitate to write me an email and we can also set up a phone call or Skype/Facetime interview. 


Napapatch N. (Neat) 

What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

I am a caring and loving and calm person. I’ve been working with kids for 10 years and I’m positive that I understand them really well. I can teach English, Maths and Science as those are my main subjects to teach at the current school. I am a good housekeeper, love to clean and tidying up. I also love to cook and love learning new things. I can adapt myself in any environment and open-minded. 

Work Experiences

Anuban Khun Han Elementary School 

Teacher | 2012 – present

St. Pre-School 

Pre-school Teacher | 2011 – 2012 | Duration of employment: 1 year 

Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University 

English Lecturer | 2011 – 2012 | Duration of employment: 1 year 


2012 – 2017 Ubonratchathani University Master of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) 

2006 – 2009 Ubonratchathani University Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Communication, minor in Japanese 


CPR & First Aid – Taken on July 12th 2020 

Q&A about me

How long have you been caring for children and what aged groups have you cared for? – I’ve experienced working with children as a tutor for 10 years aged 3 and 12 years old. 

Why do you want to be a nanny in Canada? – I love children and love spending time with them. Also, Canada will give me a better quality of life. 

Are you infant-qualified and how long have you experienced caring for baby/infant? – No, I am not but willing to learn and gain more experience. 

Are you comfortable caring for multiple children? – Yes, I am. 

Are you fluent in any other languages besides English? – Yes, Japanese. 

When can you work in Canada? – As soon as needed. 

How long do you intend to work in Canada? – As long as possible. 

Please describe your cooking skill – Excellent

What is your favorite food to cook? – My favorite dish to make is Monte Cristo. I also love making Pasta Pumpkin Soup for breakfast. I am planning to take Nutrition course as well. 

Please describe your driving skill – I currently can’t drive because I don’t need to in Thailand but planning to drive in Canada and get driver’s licence. 

Do you have a valid driver’s licensed? – No. 

Have you experienced driving in a snow? – No. 

Are you willing to do housework? – Yes, absolutely. I am a neat person. 

Are you willing to care for pets? – Yes. 

Do you have valid CPR/First Aid certification? – Yes. 

What are your hobbies and interests? – I love to read whenever I get a chance.