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Our nannies are experienced, educated and reliable. Full-time, live-in or live-out, at Thai to Canada there are nannies that will fit perfectly for your family’s needs.

What’s the difference between hiring a local nanny versus a nanny from overseas?

Immigrant nannies :Local nannies :
– Retention rates are higher with most fulfilling a minimum two-year contract or longer.
– Salary starts at a minimum rate set by the province.
– Nannies from Thailand will include housework and cooking in their duties depending on your child’s schedule and needs.
– Thai nanny is integrated into family life as a temporary family member more than just a worker, similar to Au Pair.
Therefore, even though Canadian government regulation has changed to accommodate live-in or live-out options for immigrating nannies, our nannies prefer to live-in than a live-out
– Retention rate is lower, most nannies are looking for short-term contracts.
– Local nannies demand higher pay.
– Most local nannies prefer to work solely with children, with no additional duties.
– Local nannies prefer to work for you on a live-out basis

What is Thai to Canada?

Thai to Canada is an online community/consulting agency that is running by a Thai-Canadian couple who live in Saskatoon, SK. Tichaya, founder, created this website and started the online Thai caregivers community when she was an in-home child caregiver in Regina, SK. After 5 years of working as an Au Pair in Boston, MA and as a nanny in Saskatchewan, SK, Tichaya is now a retired nanny but her goal is to be able to help Thai caregivers/nannies to come to work and immigrate to Canada. Learn more about the founder, Tichaya C.

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How do I sponsor a nanny from Thailand to Canada?

As of after June 2019, Canadian employers can only sponsor an overseas nanny through program called “Home Child Care Provider Pilot” Learn more about the program

How long does it take to bring a nanny from Thailand to Canada?

It used to take as quick as 4-5 months to bring someone from overseas but that was the older process. Since June 2019, the government of Canada has launched Home Child Care Provider Pilot program that runs from 2019-2024 for the pilot. Without Covid-19 situations, the program was supposed to process each application within 12 months but because of Covid, it takes longer than usual. Many applicants (nannies) are still waiting for their applications to be processed. Therefore, it can take longer than 1.5 years to bring someone here. So please keep in mind and make plan as soon as you can. (As early as you plan to have kid).

Furthermore, at Thai to Canada, we do all the screening for you and all nannies on here are experienced, well prepared for the job interview and in progress of getting/have all required documents ready for Home Child Care Provider Program such as Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) document, IELTS score result that meets requirement, as well as a Resume and References from previous jobs. All you (employer) need to provide to the potential nanny is a Job Offer, that’s it! This way, it saves you a lot of time to wait for nanny to have the required documents ready which could usually take months but here, ALL NANNIES are well prepared.


The Home Child Care Provider Pilot is closed to new applications
As of Monday, January 17, 2022, IRCC received at least 2,750 applications under this pilot. This means the pilot is closed to new applications for 2022

The pilot will reopen to new applications on January 1, 2023

We recommend you to find a nanny as soon as possible, provide a job offer and a nanny will gather all required documents and submit it on January 1, 2023. Waiting time is at least 12 months from the submission.

How much does it cost to hire a nanny from Thailand?

There is no cost for the employer to make a job offer, and that is all you have to do. (Not like the older way that you have to pay $1000 for LMIA). At this point, Thai to Canada does not require nanny search fee from employers/families in order to get accessed in our nanny system. Although, if you (employer or nanny) need to consult with us further, there’ll be service fee. After the search, when ready, contact us or you can contact the nanny you would like to set-up an interview with directly, we/she will have required documents ready for you to review.

Do I need to pay for plane tickets?

No, you don’t. But highly recommended if you are ok with that. Nanny will be really much appreciated.

Will a nanny live in my home?

It is not a requirement for a nanny to live in your home. Believe it or not, most Thai nannies who will travel across the world to a new country would most prefer a live-in basis so they don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay so if possible, do consider hiring a nanny on live-in basis. It is great for both family and a nanny to also learn new cultures and be a part of family.

I found a nanny that I like here, how do I contact them?

You can simply write an e-mail to the nanny directly (email provided on nanny profile page) OR write to us using contact form OR you can also write to us: thaitocanada@gmail.com to set-up the interview. If you write to us, please don’t forget to include nanny’s reference # on the profile page in the email and we’ll schedule an interview for you. (Either way is free of charge)

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